The Manitoba Food Processors Association (MFPA) was formed in 1993. It is a not-for-profit, industry-run organization that serves close to 300 member companies; ranging from small, start-up operations to large multi-national companies. Manitoba growers, processors, marketing boards, government agencies, retailers, and industry suppliers of goods and services all enjoy the benefits of an MFPA membership.
The Association supports its members by:

  • Helping food business entrepreneurs to set up their operations, serving as an information resource and a networking system for the industry
  • Organizing marketing programs and promotional campaigns to increase sales in grocery and foodservice distribution channels
  • Providing professional development opportunities for business owners and managers, and training programs for employees
  • Providing human resources support and worker recruitment services
  • Serving as a communications link between members and government regarding issues that impact the growth and expansion of Manitoba’s food processing industry.


Canadian Council of Food Processors

The MFPA represents the Manitoba industry at the national level through the Canadian Council of Food Processors (CCFP). CCFP is a coalition of the seven provincial and regional food processing associations that operate in Canada. Together, CCFP provincial member associations represent 1,800 companies nationwide. Member associations include: the Alberta Food Processors Association, the Atlantic Food & Beverage Processors Association, the British Columbia Food Processors Association, Food and Beverage Ontario, the Manitoba Food Processors Association, the Quebec Food Processors and Consumer Product Council, and the Saskatchewan Food & Ingredient Processors Association.
CCFP represents all sizes of food processors and natural health products manufacturers operating in Canada. CCFP’s mission is to raise the profile of the food processing industry in Canada and to speak with a common voice on behalf of its members on a broad spectrum of issues that affect this vital manufacturing industry on a national basis.
CCFP’s corporate objectives are as follows:

  1. Promote coordination, cooperation and enhanced program/service delivery among national and provincial food processing associations.
  2. Leverage the political strength of the food-processing sector by bringing together associations which collectively represent the majority of food processing companies in Canada.
  3. Foster industry-wide communication leading to more effective industry association action on behalf of members.